Getting the paperwork done.

To be the ‘foreigners’ in a country involves a lot of paperwork, and this is a yearly thing, which takes a few months to finalize and then you start all over again. Luckily we still have the ladies from VIP Resources to help us with this. Still we have to be there ourselves to hand in forms or collect something and of course this involves waiting in a queue.

Here, each department has a ‘préfecture‘ where all this paperwork is done. The préfecture for Val D’Oise, where we lived initially, was in our town, which made it easier. We came with a one year visa and after one year we received a resident permit for the next year, but… just as that was done, we moved to a different department. Now we are in Yvelines and we have to change our permits again. First you receive temporary permits and then after a few weeks you have to get in the queue again to get the permanent permits. I have to say that when you get to the front of the queue, it goes quickly. The people who work there know what they’re doing.

The préfecture for Yvelines is situated in Versailles, which isn’t bad at all. You look down the road and see the château de Versailles. So, I thought that ‘while I’m there’ I could have a quick visit again.

Etrangers – foreigners – that’s us, but then we are thankful when we see how many people are in the queue asking for asile – asylum!

The prefecture isn’t a very impressive building, but it is just opposite the beautiful Hotel de Ville of Versailles. (That would be the municipality)

Last time we visited Versailles it was in January in the middle of winter and we also couldn’t go into the top floor of the main building. Because it was winter, there were no flowers in the gardens. Those were the reasons that I thought maybe I should pop in again. : )
It is almost the end of the tourist season, but at 10 o’clock in the morning there were so many people! You just walk along with the masses. Everybody is taking photographs and trying to pose in front of something gold or glittery. So, maybe it is not a bad idea at all to go in January in 5 degrees.
But still, it is something to see. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to walk through that building all on your own… and with no camera.

What made this visit worthwhile was an exhibition by Joana Vasconcelos. Interesting is the only way I can describe it. : )

pots and pans…

a lot of needlework and crochet…

and more in gold

marble statues covered in crochet…

and the pink helicopter… these ostrich feathers must be from South Africa. : )

and some for the garden as well

the gardens in September

I think I have seen enough of château de Versailles for now. Too many people and too expensive… but… maybe if someone visits and wants to see it… maybe I’ll join them once more…


The ‘chick’ from Versailles

My niece and her friend visited us for the weekend. A relaxed, happy time spend with them. Young people. They woke up late, played monopoly and spend time on computers. : )

On Saturday we did the tourist thing and went to Château de Versailles. A lovely sunshine day, but only 5 degrees. So, geared with gloves and scarves we went.

The buildings are beautiful, gold, marble, and more. The gardens are so big you can call them parks. A four hour walk and we didn’t see all of the gardens. We will have to go back in summer. I am sure it will be covered with flowers then and the fountains will be giving their displays.

And to quote my young niece, Marleen: “This is the chick who lived here.” : )
(aka Marie Antoinette…)