Spring Time!

We do have nice weather lately. I can’t compare it with South Africa, but for France we really have nice days. I haven’t put on a warm coat for the last few weeks. That’s my measure for nicer weather and lots of sunshine and temperatures above 10 degrees. Wonderful spring days. : )

Spring was really late this year. That the locals told me. There is an old tradition in France that you give someone a small bunch of Les Muguets (lily of the valley) on the first of May to wish them good luck and happiness for the season to come. On 1 May you see people selling les Muguets everywhere along the streets. This year they all came from florists as they were not flowering in the gardens yet.

I received my first little bouquet this year from Pascal, the mother of Mandi’s friend, Camille.


As the warmer weather started, all the plants suddenly woke up. We didn’t get a nice garden with this house, although we have lots of space that can become garden. : ) So the warmer weather also got us going to get it ready for being outside in the summer.

For now we have the lilacs that are flowering…


…our apple tree is full of blossoms and don’t miss our dandelion field. : )


The biggest joy of these spring days are my tulips!




…and of course its canola time!



Spring is in the air…

Yes, its officially the end of winter. Temperatures are up and we can think of putting our jackets away. Maybe not too far yet… today is a bit chilly again. : ) The first sign that spring is coming are the daffodils. Many of them and everywhere.

and then some small bulbs trying to compete with them…

The streets are lined with pink blossoms. For them you have to be quick. I watched one long street with trees on both sides. A pink passage, but I waited too long. Greedy… wanted more pink flowers and then when I arrived with my camera the flowers were covering the street. C’est normal. Well, I didn’t get to photograph the long street, but still some nice pink trees.

…and some just show their soft, new green leaves…

and then the tulips arrive with their deep, bright colours and take over the show…

I will leave them for a next post. They need a bit more time to be at their best… : )