I didn’t post that much in February, but looking back now, I realized that a lot actually happened in this last month. You know, the normal things… ski trips, coffees in Paris, seeing a few van Gogh’s, Monet’s and van Rijn’s… just everyday things. : )

Jaco and Pieter went with their school on a ski trip to Valloire. The trip was organized by the sport and engineering sciences teachers. We dropped them off at 6am in the morning at the school. A few brave parents waited in the freezing cold to see the bus leave.


They stayed in the ski village and did snowboarding everyday from Monday to Friday.


To justify the science part, they had a look at exactly how the ski lift works.  A quick visit on Wednesday morning for that. : )


What an amazing experience for them. Remember, we don’t even know snow! : )

The gymnastics season has started again. This time with new coaches and new friends. For Franci the biggest excitement of the competition was to see the Cergy’m coaches again.

Its only Franci doing competitions this year as Mandi has quit gymnastics and started doing tumbling with Pieter in Les Clayes sous Bois. Finishing school at four and then do gymnastics till 10pm in the evening was just too much, but she is really enjoying the new tumbling club. Loving the coach again. Alfie, the coach from ACS, Cape Town is still the measure for coaches. She loves Rene, the tumbling coach: ‘he is so nice, he is just like Alfie’ .


I decided that I have to start visiting exhibitions in Paris. I don’t know if you can ever see everything of this city, I also don’t think you can ever get to all exhibitions.   In October the works of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera will be on display in the Orangerie. Won’t that be so special to see? Anyone visiting me to see that? For know I saw van Gogh’s works in the exhibition at the Pinacothèque, ‘Dreaming of Japan’. Having a coffee afterwards with a view on the beautiful église de la Madeleine.

Not without excitement. : ) Seeing all the people buying flowers across the road at the florist. The police stopped the little red van and had long conversations looking at lots of papers. I wonder what he did wrong. The french are serious about paperwork!  Then an ambulance stopped and after a while they came with a lady in a wheelchair who had one foot wrapped in bandages and her husband, walking with them, carrying the shoe, which was covered in white paint. So was the clothes of the lady. Wondering what happened to her. I knew she slipped somewhere near white paint. Not too serious as the whole company was talking and smiling, including her. : )


It was of course a cold February day again, but then the sun came out and I just walked around and passed the Notre Dame. Seeing there was no queue, I decided to go in. Inside I could see the new bells on display. Apparently the old bells,which was installed in 1856 were badly out-of-tune.

The new bells are now being installed for the 850th anniversary of the Notre Dame. They will be rung for the first time on Sunday 23 March 2013. Maybe a good idea to be close-by having a coffee and be part of that special moment.
 Across the Seine from the Notre Dame, getting lost in the very old Shakespeare and company. Books everywhere, under stairs, above doors and so high on the walls, that they provide ladders to reach the top ones. : ) And rooms with chairs to sit and read.


… and that was some highlights of February. March will have its own things again. School closes on Friday for a two week holiday. And we’re off to Interlaken in Switzerland for a week. This time I’ll be the photographer for the snowboarders. : )


A Sunday in Paris

3 July 2011

Much better to visit Paris on a Sunday. All the shops are closed, but attractions are still open. For everyone under 26 you can buy day cards for half price. This time we drove to Neuilly Sur Seine and took the metro from there. We took snacks in our bags and we were ready for the day. We have lovely summer weather now. We almost want to complain about the heat… but maybe we shouldn’t as they forecast rain from tomorrow.

We walked through the bird market and only looked at the Notre Dame from the outside. The queues were way too long.