A week of ‘last times’

End of year, end of our time in Cergy-Pontoise, last ballet class, last gymnastics class, last time dropping someone off at Collège le Moulin a Vent, last time… That was what this past week was like. Now, after doing some things for the last time, the year has officially ended and the kids are on holiday till September.

The reason for having ‘last times’ again is that we have bought a house in a small village, called Beynes, and we will start moving next week. The house implies for sure that it will be a working holiday for this family. I will write more about the house and our renovations when we are there next week. For now I can say that the house was build in 1840, it is big enough for a family of six and was cheap enough for us to buy. Big, old and affordable only means one thing: lots of work… But that’s not a problem as we are also six people that can clean and paint. : )

These two photo’s from the estate agents’ website convinced me that we have to visit this house…

from the back…

front entrance…

Before the big move starts next week, lets get back to the ‘last times’ again. Franci had her last ballet lesson and then the dance concert last night. She danced beautiful and I am sure aunty Belinda from Monte Vista’s ballet would have been very proud of her. This year’s danse classique was taught by a friendly lady called Sylvia.

movie legends… Black Swan, Titanic, Marilyn… 

Then the last gymnastics lesson on Friday and Cergy’m Club’s end of year gala today. From the youngest group of 3 year olds to the current France gymnasts, all showing off their skills and entertaining us with fun dances.

This afternoon we remembered again the displays at ACS Gymnastics. With the nice Cape Town weather it was held outside, so they had space to do crazy things like boys doing somersaults over cars… and more. Each club is special in its own way. The best memory of our year in Cergy will be Cergy’m Club. The girls were so happy there and are really sad to leave, but Fred recommended a club close to the new house; ‘where the coaches are just as friendly as them,’ as he said. : )  So, with a very special goodbye card and some tears the group of girls said goodbye… They will keep contact on facebook and see each other again at next year’s competitions.
It feels like a long time ago that Mandi and Franci joined the club, speaking only a few words of  french. The coaches had to ask one of the girls to show them what they have to do as they couldn’t understand. They had good laughs with the girls correcting their pronunciation and they again teaching the french girls some afrikaans words. Even Fred thought the girls could teach him how to convince us in afrikaans not to move. : )

To Fred, Audrey and Elsie, the gym coaches, and a very special group of girls: Thank you for a lovely gymnastics year. Even difficult days for Mandi and Franci weren’t that bad as they could look forward to going to gym that evening.    à bientôt


Ballet shoes and games in Paris.

The ballet teacher said that Franci will be in the class that start dancing with ‘pointes’ this year. For her… the best thing ever. At the last class of the term we received the letter of what to buy and where. The address of the shop: Rue de la Paix, Paris.

For Jaco and Pieter it was ‘Paris Games Week’, all about the latest computer games in the large exhibition center at Porte de Versailles.

They were really happy to be there! Its just cameras that make them look so unhappy. : ) People were looking at us while I took the photograph… embarrasing! : )

Pieter has put some photos of the games week on facebook. We left them there and off we went to find ‘Repetto’. Situated almost next to the Opera in Paris, among shops that we will probably never enter. Even at Repetto there is a guard at the door and only a certain amount of people are allowed in the shop at the same time. : )

Cartier, Channel…

…and Repetto

Franci was also really happy about her new dancing shoes, : ) but she had a cold and by the end of the day, not feeling well at all.

Now she can’t wait for the first ballet lesson after the holiday…