Bicarbonate de soude

10 July 2011

We were invited for a braai with Anelle and Pieter today. They are from South Africa, and moved here about two months ago after three years in England. Pieter works at the same company as Danie.
They stay in Ville D’Avray, closer to Paris centre. We had a lovely day and came back with enough leftovers for tomorrow and books to read and magazines, and…  That’s Anelle, she loves to help and share… She was ready to pack all we need for our house while we still wait for our container. : )
Yesterday I decided to make malva pudding to take with. Ok, to buy flour is the first challenge. It does not help you to know its farine in french. There are different farine for all different things you can bake : )  I will still have to research and translate the whole farine thing. But what I bought did work…  there was a photo of cake on the packaging… that helped.
The second challenge was bicarb. I could not find it anywhere and had no idea then what it was in french. I had to come back and after the help of the internet knew this: You do get it packed for baking, but not all shops stock it. You could find 5kg buckets in the swimmingpool isle. : ) And at the pharmacy you can buy smaller quantities, used to clean
My malva pudding tasted fine, baked with the teeth whitening bicarbonate de soude and we had it with English cream, as custard is called here.
But… Voilà!  … tjops, wors, potato salad and malva pudding with custard in Ville D’Avray!

A walk through Parc des Impressionistes