Atravi Residence Hotel

1 July 2011

This is where we are staying for our first month in France. A beautiful building.


They don’t cater for families of six, so we have two flats. The kids are in one and we have one. Not too bad inside, a bit bigger kitchen could be nice, and a microwave, and a toaster.

Since our airfreight arrived on Thursday it is now really full. And now we also wonder why we brought so much extra clothes and things.

The sun only going down after 10pm makes it really difficult for us to get to bed early. You just don’t feel tired or you eat supper and realised its 10pm already. And then there is still Atravi’s thin walls. When its finally dark after 11pm and we are in bed, our neighbours have their daily conversation for I don’t know how long! But luckily we are still on holiday and can sleep late.


Eiffel Tower and hotdogs

19 June 2011

On Sunday we had to go to the eiffel tower. You can’t be in Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower…
We still need to work out some things. We took the RER from Sartrouville to La Defense. Then the metro into Paris. That worked out a small fortune for a family of six.
The next thing was the hungry people again. We saw hotdogs for sale and thought that could work well, but we paid 6 euros a hotdog! I have to say that was the best hotdogs ever. A baquette cut open on the top, with two nice sausages inside. Then they put it in a toaster. Not bad for a hotdog. But remember next time to pack something to eat…
Maybe one day we’ll get to french cuisine…

and Barbe à papa for dessert…

Arriving in Europe

18 June 2011

We landed in Amsterdam. Browsed around the shops and unfortunately have to say that we had McDonalds for lunch… safest if you don’t know where to go. We did have our first croissants later.

the bags give it away… these kids are from South Africa…

its been a long day…

After four hours in Amsterdam, we left with Air France to Paris. Coming from winter in South Africa we were looking forward to summer in Europe. But we landed in Paris in the rain and the pilot’s remark was: “its 16 degrees in Paris which is not enough.”

Then the part started which we’ve been planning for a while. Danie and Mandi took the rented car with all the luggage… six people with luggage don’t really fit in one car. The four of us took the RER to Sartrouville. That went ok, accept that when we arrived we needed tickets (which we had, but did not work…) to get out of the station. Later Pieter asked a non-english-understanding frenchman for help and he jumped over a gate and opened another gate for us. Don’t think that was a legal move.

As we suspected, Danie and Mandi got lost a bit… driving only with a map, no GPS. But they arrived eventually at the station, two hours after we got there. At that stage we had no cellphones that work in France… That was a long wait.

At last at Atravi Residence Hotel at 10pm, but still light in this European summer. And again, because of extreme hunger amongst some of us… we drove to the McDonalds we passed on the way for a very late supper.