Make-A-Wish weekend

Mandi has been contacted by Make-A Wish France last year. It took some time to decide what she can ask for, as there were no celebrities in France that she wanted to meet. : )

Earlier this year we had a visit from Elodie and Rudi. Two young people who has full time jobs and work for Make-A-Wish in their spare time. At the end of the visit they knew that Mandi would like to be somewhere in nature, maybe staying in a tree-house, or by the sea. Then do anything adventurous, like bungy jumping for example. : )

In May, Elodie phoned to say that our weekend is booked. Make-A-Wish organize for the whole family. The boys already had plans, so we were four. I asked where we were going, but she said that we will get all the details in the mail ten days before we leave, and have to wait till then.

The letter arrived… My Album 1-001

We would stay in a tree house in an adventure park. Do accrobranche in the park the next day, and land sailing on the Monday. Tree house, nature, adventure, and the beach… everything she wished for.

So well organized. We had mappy print-outs for all the driving. Tickets for the park. The restaurants were booked for the evenings. Addresses, phone numbers, and everything you might need.

On our way…
My Album 1-002

Half-way we stopped in Le Mans, and had lunch, after walking through this beautiful cathedral.

Cathédrale Saint-Julien du Mans…
My Album 1-003

and then wonderful galettes (or hamburgers) for lunch.My Album 1-004

We arrived in the small village, Moutiers Les Mauxfaits…
My Album 1-001

but our destination… Indian Forest, just outside the village.My Album 1-002

The car stays outside, and we were taken in a little electric ‘ride’ to our home for the next two days…
My Album 1-001 My Album 1-002

At 8h30 you will find your breakfast basket hanging on the rope below. All you need to do is hoist it up. : )

My Album 1-001

With your ticket at Indian Forest you can do all the ‘smaller’ games, and you have a choice between the accrobranche and the water fun. When we saw that, me and Danie did the noble parenting thing to say that the girls can choose the 2 hours accrobranche, and we will choose the water fun, and the girls can just use our tickets to do both activities. So, with a little feeling of relieve, for me, we looked forward to day 2.

But… we arrived at 10h30 and were told that you choose your 2 hours adventure when you buy your ticket and Elodie had booked accrobranche for all of us. We start at 11! Then, before we could even think about it, we were hooked up and started climbing in the first tree. Just need to clear that this is my story. The rest of the family has no problem hanging, climbing, sliding, and more, in very high trees. It was great fun for everyone, and only I had blue marks from clinging onto ropes, even though the girls kept on telling me: “You can’t fall!’

My Album 1-002My Album 1-003

The next few hours were spend around the more relaxed games, and coffee for the less courageous.
My Album 1-005

My Album 1-004Then, Mandi got ready for her highlight of the day. The bungy/swing jump from 18 metres. Going higher and higher in the trees. Sitting around and waiting her turn. Telling me afterwards that she could see a little church from up there.

My Album 1-001

et voilà, the video here.

With a smile she’s ready to go again. : )


After another wonderful dinner, and of course the delivered breakfast basket the next morning, we had to greet Indian Forest.
My Album 1-001

The next stop was La Tranche Sur Mer. A town on the west coast of France, where Boris was waiting for us. Char à voile. That’s what we were going to do. Land sailing.

My Album 1-002

After our lesson how to set up the sails on the little cars, we could all do one ride a few meters far. Unfortunately there was not enough wind, and we could not wait till later the afternoon to see if the wind comes up. We were ready to leave when Boris called the girls back, and said he wanted to do something for Mandi. He gave her a helmet, and she had a nice ride on his quad bike.


A kind man who added a special memory to our weekend. If you’re ever in France and want to try some land sailing. Boris from Aerobeach is the man you need to find. : )

The end of an adventurous weekend. A big thank you to Elodie, Rudi, and Make-A-Wish!

Merci beaucoup!


2 comments on “Make-A-Wish weekend

  1. Such a pleasure to see those smiling faces… Thank you so much for this great testimony ! The whole team has read the article which made our day !
    We wish your family all the best,
    Make-A-Wish France

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