Le Paris Brest

…or maybe it’s la Paris Brest. That’s not important. My french friends are used to me speaking french with many mistakes, and they understand me… or I hope so at least. : ) The important thing is that I actually made a Paris Brest. It’s about time for us to get back to normal life, and to become more french. I did that by trying to make a real french pastry recipe. La pâtisserie… You see what I mean?! Pastry is la, but a certain pastry is le… Ai, this french language… : )

My Paris Brest tasted really good. Choux pastry with a praline flavoured cream.
The form… well that was far from perfect, very far… : )

Le Paris Brest

We had such a strange year. I posted only twice on this blog, and each time it was a summary of the months before. Ok, here comes the last summary of this year. We are getting back to living a normal life, and have things to write about again.

It felt like we missed summer, but our garden was still showing some colours…


 Me and the girls had a day at EuroDisney in August…


 I ran La Parisienne again in September. I know, only 7km, but still… : )

La Parisienne

 And we celebrated Mandi’s birthday with some french friends. Waffles, cream and ice-cream of course…


We had a full week-end, which I will write about next time, and we have some nice things to look forward to. Mandi is almost back at school. She just needs to get all her energy back. Saturday we have a visit from “Make a Wish”.
It’s the first of December already, and our Christmas decorations are up. It’s 3 degrees outside today and we can start to hope for snow, and then, the big excitement… we are going to Denmark for Christmas! We still need to convince the men in our house that the 14 hour drive will be worthwhile. Maybe we can bribe them with coffee stops, or something…


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