Life goes on!

Three months later already. You will really think that our lives came to a standstill. We thought it did, but when I look back I see that it also carried on as always. We stopped doing things and we still did things. Sometimes different and mostly the same. We stayed at home and we went out. It was hard and it was wonderful. We changed, we learned and we grew and we are also still the same. : )

Birthdays came around as always. Mandi missed some, but they came to the hospital to celebrate a little bit.

even in hospital you need the funny face shot… : )20140131_190610

In February the boys passed their driving licences. Yes, in french, and on the wrong side of the road.  What a joy! “We need bread. Who will I send today?” At some stage you actually get your payment for driving kids around for how many years. : ) The friendly Elizabeth, who runs the Auto-Ecole (driving school) here in Beynes, is also the same person who blessed us regularly with chocolate cakes.


One big difference of this year is that I’ve taken so few photo’s… I can’t show you all the dinners, gifts, flowers and more that we received from many, wonderful, people here.

Danie had a birthday too and we celebrated at home with steaks made by him.


…and I turned 50! You will just have to take my word for that, as I have no photo’s to proof  it. : )

Franci had a school trip to Germany and came back a big supporter. : )


The family came to visit and I saw some lovely places.

Me and my mom visited the beautiful château de Fontainebleau.


I was in Giverny again with my sisters to stroll through Monet’s garden and visited Rennes and the very special Mont st. Michel.
My Album 6-001there was Paris on Bastille day…


The big event of this year was the boys passing their BAC. French matric! What an achievement. To change in grade 10 to a whole new language and still succeed. They will start university in September.

We are in the middle of summer holidays and this year’s little detour is almost over. Only three months left…
Life goes on. Sometimes hard, but mostly wonderful!


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