Queues in Paris

Yes, one can actually write a post about queues in Paris. You always have to plan around the amount of people who are going to visit an exhibition or tourist attraction. I normally just turn around and decide to try at another time again, or give up. When you do buy tickets online, you feel like a VIP, walking past the whole queue.

One exhibition I have now missed because of queues, is the Tour Paris 13. I really wanted to see this, but maybe not enough to stand for a whole day.

La Tour Paris 13 on the left bank of the Seine…

Tour Paris 13 is (or was by now) an apartment building from the fifties in the 13th arrondissement in Paris. Seven months ago, when a gallery owner in Paris heard that it was going to be demolished, he invited 105 street artists, from 18 countries, to decorate the walls of the 33 apartments with their art. Each artist had at least one entire room for himself.

outside too…

During October it was open to the public. Because the entrance was free, you couldn’t buy tickets before. I now read that there wasn’t much interest in the beginning of the month… why didn’t I go earlier?! Then by the last week the queue was more than 300m long and they kept the building open day and night for the last three days. People waited for 10 hours in that queue.

I didn’t see the inside, but I saw the queue… this is only part of it…

walking around the building…

graffiti everywhere…

on the other side…

For safety reasons they only allowed 49 people in the building at the same time, and there were many groups of 49 in that queue. So… after I’ve walked around the building, I took photo’s of the queue and left.

So, now you can all do the virtual tour with me. Found here: La Tour Paris 13.

Or see the wonderful photographs of someone who was there, Huffington Post.

OK, I have to admit, I’m jealous… maybe I should have just packed a picnic, taken a book and waited… 10 hours?  maybe next time…


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