La Parisienne

Yes, I also surprised myself : ) As Danie says:  “If you told me two years ago you are going to run 6,7km, I would say you are crazy! And that in Paris! Impossible!” And here we are… in Paris… and I did it!

My running started in April this year. That was when I decided that I need to get some exercise. On the first day, I’ve put on my running shoes, or maybe I should call them walking shoes then, and went for a walk. In the middle of this walk I tried to run a bit and it was probably less than 100m and I had no breath left. Feeling good that I did something, I returned home, just to see on the clock that I have been out for exactly 10 minutes. : ) Still, it was the beginning.

I carried on like that for the next few days, trying to go a bit further each day, till I decided that I should maybe go see how one starts running. I found ‘Couch to 5k’ and ran with ‘Laura’ telling me when to run and when to walk… and after nine weeks I could run, without walking, a full 5k!

Of course you then feel as if you can tackle anything. The next thing to do was of course to enter an official run. For me this was ‘La Parisienne’. And what an experience that was…

On Saturday we had to visit  le village to fetch my race number. The theme for this year’s week-end was Japanese.

arriving at a very wet and muddy village…

for number 30583 you must line up here…


have the T-shirt, must still run the race…


entertaining going on for the week-end, in front of the beautiful  École Militaire

all ready, only hoping for better weather for Sunday…

Sunday started early to catch the train in to Paris. From Versailles you saw ladies with running gear and their white la Parisienne bags over the shoulder. The metro was full with ladies and their supporters.

Arriving an hour before the race starts, to see the bridge already full…


all you can do is join them and wait your turn…


Off they go. Every 6 minutes another group left. I waited till group 7…


everybody having fun… some supporting a friend who can’t run…


As it was a ladies race, you saw lots of dads and the little ones with banners:
‘Allez Maman!’ Looking to see their mom among the 30000 runners : )
Another nice banner I saw: ‘Run like a devil, my angel’ : )


Bands all along the way for extra support. Your name on the race number made it possible for complete strangers to go:
Allez Cecily! Bravo, nice!’


and then it is all over… off to lunch with my own supporter and official photographer : )


I have to admit that In the first few minutes of the race, running on cobble stones, little bit uphill and lots of ladies passing me… I thought that I am actually crazy : ) but… then I got into it and… finished! Placed: 14 990 out of 28 798 who finished.  : ) Not too bad for someone who started running at almost 50 : )
Afterwards… I am thinking… I am definitely there again next year!! Who’s joining me!?