Roland Garros

This was where we celebrated Danie’s 50th birthday : )


I was too late to buy tickets for the main courts, so we had tickets to the grounds and all the other courts where they hosted the less important games. On 5 June they played the quarter finals on the two main courts, and the legends trophy on the other courts.

Djokovic was playing on this court.


and we could hear the people cheering for Nadal on this court.


The big screens on the outside are for the unlucky ones that could only hear the excitement  : )  but…

we had so much fun watching the legends do their thing. I actually think they had more fun than us. They were entertaining the crowds, making jokes and showing their skills.

We saw Martina Navratilova playing in a game against Sanchez and Fernandez. My knowledge of tennis isn’t that good, but even I can remember these women.


The ‘joy’ and magic of clay courts…


feeling proud South African when we were watching this lady from South Africa…

rolandgarros81Court no.1 and the ‘aerial-view’ camera.

rolandgarros91South-Africa was there : ) Big green balls passed on to win some prizes from Perrier…


Goran Ivanisevic… the big entertainer of the day. : )

rolandgarros111“maybe I should get my partner something to stand on when serving… to get the ball over the net” : )


Henri LeConte, Pat Cash… also having fun : )


The stars having enough fun to just do the work themselves
…and just to show that they can still play tennis… serving at 200km/h.

and then they decided that the referee gets a red card and should leave the court : ) and Bahrami came back with Yannick Noah. For a short while he played referee, exactly 30 years after he won the french open at Roland Garros.

…a fun day, spend at a special place, for a special birthday of a special person… : )



Tumbling in Toulouse

Pieter competed at the French national championships in Toulouse end of May. Of course I wanted to see the competition and as a bonus could see Toulouse. As Pieter has just turned 18 he now qualify as senior, which means tough competition, but he still ended 9th out of 17  big strong guys!  This competition hosted tumbling, trampoline and acrobatic gymnastics.

Palais des Sports in Toulouse.


The tumbler…


and the wonderful, friendly coach…


and then discovering Toulouse…

I was wondering about these excited, noisy people at the station on Saturday morning. Only when I saw it on the news that evening I  realized that they were on their way to Paris to watch the Toulouse rugby club play in the finals at the Stade the France. Sunday morning it looked the same at the station when they all returned and were even more excited because Toulouse are now the new club rugby champions!


many cathedrals and churches…


the beautiful red, brick buildings…


the river…


gargoyles from the 1100’s, now on display…