It’s already a month ago that we were in Switzerland and spring is (supposed to be) here, so I shouldn’t be writing about winter anymore. But then we still had a little snow yesterday on a (supposed to be) lovely spring day, so writing about winter might still be ok. : )

Switzerland is such a clean country… compared to France. The train stations are so clean, you don’t even have to hold your breathe to avoid strange smells. : )
Really, as beautiful as Paris is you need to watch your step. You should never trust water on sidewalks. You have to step over it, as you can not be sure what it is… and Paris has many fancy little dogs with owners that does not clean after them. Ok… it’s not that bad, the beautiful makes up for that. Just watch your step. : ) Then I could write a paragraph about public toilets in France… but I won’t do that. : )
Well, public toilets in Switzerland had us completely surprised. Not even one wet drop on the floor and no strange smells at all.
So maybe if you are someone who need to decide between moving to Switzerland or rather to France, you can add two things in favour of Switzerland. Clean public toilets… and everyone can speak English! That made life easy. Ok, that was just by the way. Now you also know. : )

I have seen Switzerland in summer before, and everyone knows how pretty that is, but Switzerland in winter is just as pretty. We stayed in Interlaken. Which I thought would not be good for the skiing, but it is situated in the Jungfrau region and everything there is geared for skiing. The ski bus stopped in front of the hotel or you can just walk the 10 minutes to the station and take the train to the ski village.

Interlaken, with a view on the Jungfrau.
The ski village, Grindelwald.

As the boys have done snowboarding before they had to coach the girls. Day one was spent to rent the equipment and for ‘lessons’ on the ski school slopes.


The nice thing of safe public transport is that we could let the children go do their snowboarding and we could do some sightseeing.

A visit to the pretty little village, Wengen, high up in the mountains. There are no cars in Wengen, you can only reach it by train.


The old city of Bern.


A visit to the Paul Klee museum in Bern. The largest collection of Paul Klee’s works. Well, if you know Paul Klee’s work you will surely understand why Danie thought the amount we paid to enter this museum was maybe not worth it. : )


We had to visit Luzern, just for a photograph on that pretty wooden bridge.


After days filled with sunshine, it started snowing on this trip to Luzern.

Back in Interlaken…


…and then the now ‘pro’ snowboarders had to greet Switzerland and the slopes.


and hopefully soon we will have coffee in Switzerland again : )