Bonjour, ça va?

Oui, trés bien, merci : ) We need people in our lives, we need someone to say hello, how are you? We need to feel you belong somewhere.
It’s nice when I sit in the art class and we hear someone knocking on the window. It’s Nathalie, walking her class of little ones to the bus, waving at me and I can see her lips forming ça va?
I’m happy when the girls have sleepovers and you see friends having fun together, laughing, and being loud. : )
Or when I pick the boys up at school and drive back with five kids in the car. Happy sounds of friends laughing, making jokes, waving at other friends walking to the station. It doesn’t even matter that I only understand half of their french jokes. : )

Just before the holiday I spent an afternoon in Paris. It started with an exhibition by Mathurin Méheut, a versatile french artist, who did everything, from sketcing, illustrations, paintings, ceramics, etchings and more. This exhibition was held in one of those buildings that you never even notice, because you are too busy looking at the Eiffel Tower. Yes, in one of those blocks where you stand to have the best photo opportunity in front of the Eiffel Tower.


…just there where you would stand to admire the Eiffel Tower.


…walking around typical Paris streets.


…seeing the Eiffel Tower pop out every now and then.cava31

I landed in a nice pedestrian road where people were selling fruit, flowers or coffee and nice french pastries.
…with kids playing on giant eclairs.


Its hard to choose where you will have your morning coffee…


Walking and looking and taking photographs, up to Les Invalides.


A lovely day spent in Paris…but you know what were the three highlights of this day? As I left the house to do a few things before going in to Paris, I saw my friend Roger. The retired man that lives in Rue du Pont Barrat. He’s always friendly and looking for someone to talk to. So, he crossed the road, just to ask me ça va, and greet me with kisses on the cheeks, like the french do. And I could say trés bien, merci, et toi? We talked a bit… and it doesn’t matter that I didn’t understand every word he said. : )
Standing in the queue in G20, our little supermarket, I saw a lady that I only met once at someone else, but she came to me and after the kisses, asked me ça va? …trés bien, merci.
Then, as I walked to Franci’s school, someone stopped next to me and rolled down the window. A mom of one of Franci’s friends, whom I’ve also only met once at a girl’s birthday party. Just to ask me...ça va?

Three people made the effort to ask me, ça va? …and I could reply:
  trés bien, merci!